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Model AT


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Safecraft's Model AT is completely automatic. A fast-acting thermal sensor is attached to the hose for pinpoint accuracy and a targeted response. Safecraft’s unique and flexible all-metal hose targets high-risk areas remotely located away from the cylinder. Various temperature settings and hose lengths available.


Agent Qty: 10 lb
Cylinder Type: Standard
Overall Length: 16.4"
Cylinder Diameter: 5.25"
Nominal Weight:* 15.1 lb

Safecraft also offers a lightweight model for weight-critical installations and requirements. Please call us to order your lightweight Model AT.

*Nominal weight is regarding the extinguisher only. It does not include the weight of any additional mount or activation hardware.

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  • Your kit comes with one 72" (6ft) hose.

    If you need a different hose length, please call
    1 (800) 400-2259 to place your order.
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Additional information

Weight 20.0 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 9 × 9 in