Kyle LeDuc


Career Highlights

  • 2016-LOORRS Pro 4 Champion,  most fastest laps in Pro 4 season, 8 first place finishes
  • 2015- LOORRS Pro 4 Champion, Pro 4 World Champion, 13 first place finishes, Driver of the year, Huseman Award
  • 2014-LOORRS Pro 4 Champion, Amsoil Cup Champion, Challenge Cup Champion, LOORRS Driver of the year, Pro 4 World Champion, 14 first place finishes
  • 2013-6 Podiums
  • 2012-Pro 4 Champion
  • 2009-Borg Warner Champion
  • 2004-Prolite Champion
  • 2003-Prolite World Champion

Kyle LeDuc

Short Course Off Road

Kyle LeDuc started his racing career in the back yard behind his father Curt LeDuc’s race shop. It all started for Kyle when he began playing with RC cars and bicycles. While his father worked away on his race winning trucks, Kyle was building jumps in the back yard and sending hid RC cars through the dirt. Kyle and his brother Todd LeDuc rode bicycles together almost every day, this led to an eventual love for racing downhill mountain bikes. The LeDuc brothers had racing in their blood and found their nitch in the downhill mountain bike scene and performed very well. Both boys won their fair share of downhill championships, and while brother Todd went pro and continued his journey, Kyle decided to follow his father’s footsteps and started racing off road. Curt told Kyle that if you want to race you’d better build yourself a truck and Kyle did just that. In 2002 at the age of 20 Kyle entered his first Professional off road race and spent the year testing the mud and learning what he needed to know to become one of the best in off road. One short year later in 2003 Kyle, “The Kid” as they called him, took the title of Prolite World Champion at Crandon International Raceway. This was one of the first of many wins to come. At that point in time Kyle was the youngest driver speeding around the tracks in off road and he was soon just as fast as the legends. In 2004, Kyle’s second full year of racing, he took the title as Prolite Champion. Kyle eventually felt the need to move up into the Pro4 category and did so in 2008. It didn’t take Kyle long to adjust from a 2 wheel drive truck to a 4 wheel drive as he took his first win in his first year. Although Kyle performed well in the Pro4 category, with countless podiums and wins, his next major accomplishment came in 2012 when he won his well deserved title as Pro4 Champion. Not only is Kyle one of the best in off road he also prides himself in being hands on and elbows deep in dirt and grease. Kyle’s been building his own race trucks since he first set wheels on the track as a professional off road racer. Kyle has the mind of an engineer and builds his own race vehicles from the ground up with his own two hands. Expect to see many more championships in Kyle’s off road future.