Safecraft Safety Equipment

Fire Extinguishers Model LE-SFI, Model LE, Model RS, Model LT

Model LD Dual Cable AT10 Light Weight
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Safecraft Safety Equipment

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J B R C Australia
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NSW, Australia, 2760
(+61 2) 9673 2911
Safecraft Safety Equipment is used by most of the top professionals in Motorsports, Automotive, Aviation, Marine and other demanding industries. We are known for our innovative designs and the highest quality components available.

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Safecraft extinguishers are used by more NASCAR, NHRA , NASA and SCCA teams than any other brand. Safecraft is the only manufacturer to have 4 models of extinguishers and several different extinguishing agents approved to SFI 17.1.

Our aircraft systems have be used on everything from home-built aircraft to business aircraft and even high performance military platforms. Safecraft was one of the first companies to develop ultra high speed extinguishing systems for aircraft fuel tank fires.

We manufacture extinguisher systems for use on single user watercraft, pleasure-craft and up to unlimited hydroplanes. Contact us if you need a custom made extinguisher system for your high performance boat.

Safecraft manufactures systems for machine tools, CNC machines, automated grinders and other stationary equipment. Several system styles including automatic thermal, manual and electric activation are available. All of our systems can be installed and maintained by the owner.

Using similar components and technology from or motorsports systems we are able to offer cost effective systems for all type of forklifts, loaders, wood chipping equipment and several other types of vehicles. All of our systems can be installed and maintained by the owner.

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