SEMA 2017: Safecraft Automatic Fire Suppression Systems


SEMA 2017: Safecraft Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Did you miss Safecraft at SEMA 2017? Get the low down about Safecraft Automatic Fire Suppression Systems by Off Road Xtreme!

Originally posted on Nov 6, 2017 by Bryce Cleveland of

When it comes to off-road racing, vehicles catching on fire is a surprisingly common problem. When you combine extreme ambient temperatures with long races that are extremely hard on the drivetrain, keeping everything cool can sometimes be impossible. Fire extinguishers and fire retardant racing suits have increased safety dramatically, but putting the fire out manually is a hazard and sometimes the fire extinguishers may not be within reach. Safecraft is one of the biggest names in the safety equipment part of the racing industry, and they’ve developed a fully automatic fire suppression system to help solve this issue.

“The fire suppression is fully automatic, but it has an on/off capability so you can run the line wherever you like,” Jason of Safecraft explained. “We custom build the hoses in-house, so we can offer lengths from 6 inches up to 96 inches. Normally the system comes with one sensor that’s rated for 286 degrees. You get the line where you want and get the sensor where you want it, tighten everything up and you give it pressure. We offer a three, five, and seven-pound bottle for the system.”

What’s also cool about this system is the fire retardant agent that Safecraft uses. The agent is 3M™ Novec™ 1230 and it leaves no residue or clean-up after the agent is sprayed everywhere. Not only will the system keep your vehicle from burning to the ground, but it will also be easy to clean up. Not only is this type of system awesome for racing, but it can be great for Jeeps and trucks that just do simple trail riding.


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