Jason Scherer Third Consecutive Fastest Qualifier for 2017 Nitto King of the Hammers


Jason Scherer Third Consecutive Fastest Qualifier for 2017 Nitto King of the Hammers

Jason Scherer will start first at 2017 Nitto King of the Hammers

Danville, CA – Jason Scherer’s #76 Safecraft Safety Equipment, Nitto Tire car took the pole position for Friday’s Nitto King of the Hammers. Jason Scherer laid down a very clean and respectful 1:39.0 time. This will be the former 2009 King’s fourth pole position, and third consecutive, his others being in 2013, 2015 and last year 2016. Jason Scherer is the 2016 Ultra4 Racing National Points Champion.

Since the final Ultra4 race of 2016, Jason Scherer and his team has rebuilt the car into a unique two seat vehicle that is modular to be able to remove all the second seat attributes. Jason Berger will be co-driving for Scherer, who was his co-driver for the 2009 King of the Hammers win. Scherer is also happy to welcome Safecraft Safety Equipment to his program who is helping him with not only a great new color scheme but also a top notch mechanic and great shop space with shared resources.

“We were pumped up playing rap music through our Rugged Radios coms, like rock concert pumped up! Having Jason Berger in the car has been really fun. It took us longer to turn the car into a 2-seater than building it originally, but I am so glad that we have changed our game plan. I’m really happy with the tires, they are the same ones I used in qualifying last year. I’m equally happy with the new Method Wheels they made for us. They make a perfect combination,” said Jason Scherer.

“My plans for the race are to just go wheeling and not to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and drive my own pace. I know we are going to have a challenge tomorrow between winching, a mechanical failure to trouble shoot to get back to the pits, or a hundred other things, but we are going to take it in stride and get back out on the race course and go for a second win!”

Jason Scherer has a considerable history with King of the Hammers and Ultra4 Racing. He was the winner of the 2009 Griffin King of the Hammers and has finished all but two of the races in the top 25 at King of the Hammers since 2008, recently finishing second in 2016. He has also won the 2012 and 2013 Nitto National Championship Race, 2013 Metalcloak Stampede, 2016 Fallon 250 and is the 2016 Ultra4 Racing National Points Champion.
The car is prepped in Danville, California at Jason’s house with hours of assistance from friends and family. The Rage 4th and Team Awesome crews are ready to support Jason in his efforts on Friday.

Photo by: The Redline Project

The Rage 4th Crew:

Adam McGough, Ole Stogesburg, Ben Ratto, Chad & Brett Lujan, Greg Hussey, John Webb, Brian Farris, Steve Headen, Dan Trout, Ben Bower, Gary & Gordon Uffins, Jason Willis and Doug Kennedy, Jonathan Haniger and his brother Casey Scherer.

Special Thanks to all the Marketing Partners that Make this Success Possible

Safecraft Safety Equipment, Rubicon Express, Nitto Tires, FOX Shox, Spidertrax, Method Wheels, Rugged Radios, Tilden Motorsports, Red Line Oil, Fishmouth Fab Works, High Angle Drivelines, Pac Springs, Reid Racing, Jamar Brakes, PowerTank, ARB USA, Power Steering Solutions, Odyssey Batteries, Weldon Pumps, EFI Concepts, RCD Engineering, Motive Gear, WARN Industries and Elrod’s Performance Straps.

More about Jason Scherer:

Jason Scherer has been racing for over 18 years and has stood on the podium at many events winning one of the most prestigious events: The 2009 King of the Hammers. He also has a top 25 finish in 8 King of the Hammers races since 2008 and won the 2012 and 2013 Ultra4 Nitto National Championship Race, 2013 Metalcloak Stampede and 2016 Fallon 250 and finished the 2016 season as the 2016 National Points Champion. His consistency and race car set-up is proven winning the 2016 Ultra4 National Points and Pro-Rock Championship in 2006, repeating in 2007. Jason’s growing list of high profile finishes have earned him the honor of being nominated for Dirt Sports “Driver of the Year” award two years in a row. Scherer embraces his racing career with a very supportive wife and children who join him on the trails of Northern California in their 1972 Jeep CJ-6.

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